New Wool Combs!

Thank you for the comments on my last post. I stumbled across a gentleman selling two sets of wool combs (one big, one small), the stand to clamp them in and a few extras for $100, pick up only. Sadly this is the last of the fibre equipment that he’s selling, he still spins and weaves though, just nothing more to sell. So in a couple of weeks I’ll make the trip up with my beloved to fetch them. I’ll post photos once I have them, it’s a 5-6 hour round trip to get them so it will be a couple of weeks before we can make the trip, but I’m excited in advance!

Wool Combs

So on my really really wish list is wool combs. It sucks that the Aussie dollar is so bad right now, but it’s probaly not getting any better so I’m thinking if I want any in the next few years then sooner rather than latter would be an idea. Only, I’m not sure where to start! Viking, english, single row, double row, big, mini, fine what have you.

Any sugestions?