Who is Cathelina di Alessandri and what is this blog about?

Cathelina di Alessandri is a fictional young lady residing in the Republic of Florence in the year 1480.  That is the short story behind my current re-enactment persona. The long one involves me killing off most of my relatives to ensure my persona has plenty of money, which is the usual tale amongst re-enactor’s personas. I’ve been re-enacting a few years now and  my main interests include handsewing all my 15th century clothing and making fingerloop braids. I like to start embroideries and have succeeded in starting twice as many as I’ve finished. I’ve been interested in spinning longer than I’ve been re-enacting but despite a few failed attempts with home-made drop spindles I only began began to learn how to spin seven years after I began reenactment.

I’ve made this blog to collate my research and progress into the use of the spindle in the 15th century and to place it in a pubic place where anyone with internet can access it.

For Those interested in dress and sewing be sure to visit my facebook page 15th Century Sewing

Click here to read about my experiments in modern spinning at my 21st century spinning blog

Click here to read about my 15th century alter ego and the crafts she does (as well as more modern historic sewing)

Looking to buy reenactment and crafting supplies? Why not take a look at Make Your Own Medieval


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