New Loom!

So my young man (who is very attentive and observant) thought up a wonderful surprise for my Christmas present, only he is a)bad at keeping surprise secret and b) didn’t want to get the wrong sort. So he told me he wanted to get me a new “weaving thing to do my looming on”

My little spears loom has been ok for working out the basics and getting a hang of things but already I’m wanting to use double heddles which is do-able but tricky when they’re the wrong length and have nowhere to actually sit.

I’ve chosen an ashford knitter’s loom in the 50 cm width mainly because of the ease of getting it (buying something available locally means cheaper postage) and the versatile width, not too wide but wide enough for most uses.


Pictures of my new loom!


Finally here are some pictures of my new spear’s weaving loom.
As you can see, being impaitent, I couldn’t wait to start weaving something on it even though I don’t know anything much about weaving. Also, it gave me something to do. I’ve been sick and on best rest for the past few days (and missing out on the reenactment event this weekend! Boo hoo! We only get two a year as it is!) and this was something I could do in bed. Spinning, not so much (yes, I tried).
I had a spool of white crochet cotton and  little blue lying round so I grabbed those and set this up.  I wasn’t concerned with my weaving being useful for anything once I’m done because the cotton was left over from another project and going to waste anyway.
Here you can see me starting weaving.


Here you can see me almost finished


Obviously I have a lot to learn about weaving! But it was fun to play.

Of course, I’ sure random crochet cotton lying round isn’t the best thing to use but I notice there are quite a lot of gaps in this “fabric”, I don’t mean the general uneveness gaps but theones between all the threads. I think with this loom getting the warp threads closer together isn’t practical though beating the weft threads down more could be. But if I want an even weave then I think I’ll need some thicker yarn to weave with or I could possibly double up my warp threads, not sure what effect that would have.

I’d love to weave some linen or cotton/linen tea towles etc but it will be a while before I have enough of my own handspun to do this. Also I’l like to practice on something other than my own handspun so I know something about weaving when I come to use it. Does anyone have any recomendations of yarn to use or what weight I should be looking for? Really, I know nothing about weaving!