Wool Combs

So on my really really wish list is wool combs. It sucks that the Aussie dollar is so bad right now, but it’s probaly not getting any better so I’m thinking if I want any in the next few years then sooner rather than latter would be an idea. Only, I’m not sure where to start! Viking, english, single row, double row, big, mini, fine what have you.

Any sugestions?


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  1. I have both the Majacraft single and double pitch minis, and a larger pair of double pitch viking combs. If you only want it for fine wools and fibres, the minis will do you. If you’re planning large amounts of wool, and the coarser and longer breeds, you need the biggest you can afford. Double is better than single.
    Be warned, these are hard on your hands and wrists and you’ll need to work up to using them for long periods of time.
    I use all of them, but if I only had one pair, it would be the bigger ones.
    The Peter Teal English combs set is not worth the huge amount it sells for, imo.

  2. NB – the Majacraft double pitch minis might not be too expensive for you to buy, either from NZ or in Australia, and would be an excellent ‘starter’ set.

    • Thanks for your reply, I started looking into the Majacraft combs but then found a local (ish) man selling two sets of woolcombs with extras for less than I can buy even the cheapest set new. I’ll post pictures of my goodies up once I have them!

  3. Which combs you need depends upon what you want to comb. That said, full-size English combs are amazing and very seriously cool tools.

  4. Majacraft makes a nice comb. I have a variety of combs for different fleeces, single and double pitch for coarse fleeces. Louet makes a nice small comb for fine fleece. Indigo hound also has a good variety of combs.

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