Video Wednesday- The Distaff Hand

Today I share another long video. Spinning startes 2m44s in, right after the lady being videoed shows off some of her knitting. You mainly see her distaff hand but it shows really clearly how the distaff is ‘used’, she pulls the wool away from the distaff to draft it out.

It would be lovley to know what she is saying in this video!

Wool Combs and Spinning Video

On Saturday I picked up some new wool combs! I meant to take a nice phoeo of them on Sunday put up but there was a storm on Sunday and I spent sunday night without power (camera battery dead) and Monday starting to clean up 5 and a half acres of fallen trees, tree limbs (many of which sailed over our house) and busted fences etc.

I will have to take a photo at another stage. In the meantime I stumbled across this fantastic video from Caroline from Hershey Fiber Arts showing spinning flax with a spindle. She also makes great spindle sticks (a review is on my to do list) and whorls.

A Great Wheel

As you’ve probably gathered I’m not interested in learning how to spin on a spinning wheel. My investigations in this department are limited into looking at how and why the introduction of the spinning wheel changed the spindle spinning of the time. Why is this? It could be because I’m not a wood worker and thus have no way to make a great wheel. Then again, I sew even modern garments by hand so maybe I just prefer the more direct method. At any rate spindles are cheaper the wheels so I’m happy. But googling around found me this and I thought I’d share it. It’s a nice reproduction of a great wheel.