Video ‘Wednesday’- New Spindles!

How many spindles does a medieval lady need?

Answer, five more than she has!

Yes, I ordered a few (ok five) spindles from Niddy Noddy

When I first started spinning I couldn’t find many places selling medieval style spindles or spindle shafts, now I can find a lot. I think there is a lot more opportunity for small sellers to set up shop online these days. Maybe there are more people interested in spinning with appropriate tools at re-enactment events too? Whatever the reason, there are spindles out there that I don’t have and I thought I should change that.

I have a few other spindles on my wish list, but if you see anything you think I should buy… enable me!

One thing I find with my current spindles is that I buy the spindles and whorls separately (though both sellers sell whorls to match their spindles) and many of my whorls don’t fit my spindles as low as I would like.  Nothing wrong with the spindles, they are fantastic, but I do love my whorls too. So I talked to Neil first about my needs and he came up with a few ideas.

I bought two medieval spindle sticks (one with a spiral notch, one without), two medieval style spindle sticks which Neil shaped to my specifications (one with a spiral notch, one without) and a Dealgan just because I wanted to.

I’ve done a series of videos covering each spindle, but the below is just me chatting about the spindles I got and talking about what I got and why and how they fit my whorls.

I tried to upload this yesterday, but the internet was too slow, so I had to finish uploading it today, hence why video ‘Wednesday’ is on Thursday.


5 responses

  1. You couldn’t have done better than order with Neil (NiddyNoddy) – I did, and I love his spindles!
    Thank you for the new video. I love your work.

    Yours truly,

  2. Oh yes, NiddyNoddy’s are one of those I like. Although mine are from HersheyFibreArts on Etsy, which predated the ones from NiddyNoddy, as far as I know.
    Pallia also has nice, simple ones. Not quite as refined, but more robust. And she has nice clay whorls.
    But I have to admit, although I spin medieval european style, I love using my Matthes spool spindles ( It’s so nice to simply pull of the full spool and put on an empty one. And they use wonderful wood. I prefer the european wood usually, you never know, if the rare wood comes from endangered places like the rainforests.

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