Long Time No Post

I know it’s been a long time since I posted, but I thought I’d stop by and let you all know how I’ve going. Plenty has happened in my life since I’ve been posting here I have (in no particular order) moved on from casual employment to working full time, lost that job and got another even better full time job, Met a wonderful man and have moved. Now I live with the love of my life on acreage which we’re slowly fencing for livestock, have a nice vegie garden and are planting and orchard.

I’m still spinning and weaving, would love to do more but more recently my life has been taken up by another venture, I’ve started a new business!

Our new business has two main focuses. The first is to be able to offer those items that beginners need and have trouble finding such as basic kit, that doesn’t cost the earth but is good enough to get them through. To provide them with a positive and supportive experience in the hobby and to make it easier for new people to get started. Right now we have a few of these items (such as shoes) but are looking to work with the local groups and supply what it is that they need. The second is to encourage creativity. There are some wonderful people out there making things for themselves and others, and it’s hard to get things to make things with. There are budding artisans and merchants that, if supported, will be a wonderful addition to our community. There’s people that WANT to say “I made this” but don’t know how, or don’t have the tools required. We’re selling the small ‘things to make things with’ to help support all of these.

If you want to look you can see the webpage here www.makeyourownmedieval.com or like us on facebook

In other news my partner and I have recently left our re-enactment group, it was a long decision coming but we disagreed with quite a few things in how it was being run and the focus of the group. The good news is we’ve joined another group, which gives me the opportunity to make new, pretty (and non-Italian) dresses. Not that I don’t love the Italian clothing (I do), but I love some of the other styles too. I really hope to be more active on this blog in the future, but we’ll see, I will be very busy with a full-time job, running a business and managing the property!


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