Research page on my new blog

I’ve been working on my new blog! I really want it at a stage by the end of the month where I can point people towards it when they ask about my research and methods. This blog is more about following my journey, that one is more about keping an up to date theory, research and instructions.

Here is my page on my research.

What do you all think? I was wanting to have an image or video of drop spindle spinning to show the difference, but I’m not sure if I should.


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    • Thanks. The issue I had is I didn’t want to use a image of a modern spinner without their permission and I didn’t want to link to anything incase they saw where it was being linked from and misunderstood. I don’t want to come across as saying they’re wrong for drop spinning, if you know what I mean. Nothig wrong with drop spindles, just spinning in the 15th century was different. Of course, I’ve just realised I can use a historical image from a place where they DID use a similar technique todrop pindle spinning, so I might do that

  1. Sounds like sound research to me. It would be interesting if you added some citations of the folks you disagreed with as well so people could also go read their arguments if desired. Rather than just “lots of people say this”, which is more general and harder for someone who might want to follow up on your research.

    Love the images!

    • Thank you. I hear what you’re saying, I really do. The issue with adding citations is that these people don’t have official research pages as they haven’t don’t the research. Theyr’e just in real life and on message boards and email groups saying “woah, that’s not how I spin, seems slow. Obviously they wouldn’t have spun like that, just goes to show you shouldn’t trust medieval images!” They know they’re right therefore they don’t need to do the reserach and put it up online because we all know how to spin!
      The ones that do have pages never address research into the spinning method. They just say “they used drop spindles and this is how you spin on a drop spindle.”

      I guess what I’m saying is I’m willing to argue my method against another method, but I don’t want to pick on other people especially when they are just making assumptions and haven’t put the research in, or when for all I know they have changed their minds since they’ve made that post or statement.

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