Well I’ve read about a few people trying out the spear’s weaving look size 4 as a cheap but still useful loom. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a good six months for one and bid on a fe. Often I see the prices going over $100 which is a lot of money for an old child’s toy. If I was going to spend that much I might as well save up and get a new loom such as an Ashford rigid heddle.

But the other day I was on ebay and saw one for sale! It only had 55 minutes to go and was still at a low price. It was also located in Australia which is good because postage for this loom from overseas (where I often see them being sold from) can be very, very expensive. Well, I waited until the last-minute to put my bid on it, placed my bid and my internet went down! NOOOO! Then when my internet came back up I saw the bid had gone through just in time and I’d won! Yay. Cost me around $30. Not bad! And if I hate it there is good resale value on these things.

It arrived today and I’ve sat down and am warping it up with some wool I have lying around just to give it a try.




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