A lot of firsts!

My first attempt at spinning my own combed wool. It was my first attempt at combing my own wool also! One ply of this two ply thread was also my first attempt at spinning on an antique French spindle with a spiral tip. Lots of firsts!


How do I comb wool without combs? Well, I bought some dog combs but my wool was so stringy and gnarly they weren’t enough. So I carded the wool first to make it smooth and get out the lumps and then I combed it. Below is my second attempt at combing wool using this method (and you can see my combs)



2 responses

  1. After reading your earlier blog about spindles I bought one of those antique French spiral-tip spindles on eBay. Possibly because I’m trying to spin cotton, which is more problematic than wool, I haven’t yet mastered the art of holding it in the hand while spinning; but I’ve been doing support-spinning using a teacup and it works extremely well. I want to thank you for putting the idea in my head in the first place, and for taking me outside of my usual comfort zone where spinning is concerned.

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I’m really hapy I’ve helped inspire you to try something new 🙂 Spinning supported in something (teacup would workgreat!) was how I started with this technique too, now I find spinning in the hand really easy.

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