What Wool?

Well, I want to buy some more wool to spin. The question is, what can I buy that’s most like what they’d have used in the 15th century?

Different breeds of sheep aside, I’m thinking how the fiber was prepared. What form should my wool take if I buy it pre-prepared? Most of what I can find is listed as tops or sliver, will this look right on my distaff?

Different breeds of sheep NOT aside, if I’m buying fleece, what breeds do we have now that are most like what they had then?

I live in Australia so I’ve had a look at what’s around when it comes to fleece (from anything) to spin. What I see is alpaca, cashmere and corriedale.

I’ve seen a small amount of English Leicester, merino, some camel and some angora rabbit.

I think much more research is required!


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