First Completed Wool

Remember this wool? Well I took it off the spindle and it turned into a million tiny corkscrews. It was fun to play with! I washed it and hung it to set the twist but it didn’t quite work so yesterday I had another go and actually put it back on my niddy noddy to dry. Not sure if that’s right or not but it’s not kinking up any more!

This is what it looks like


Not bad for a first attempt I think!



4 responses

    • Thank you! This wool is an absolute dream to draft and I think the fact that with the method I’m using you can spin as slow as you like to keep up with the drafting hand really helps. I like to do things slow and get the technique sound before speeding up and I don’t think you can really do that with drop spindle spinning..
      I do have spots that are four times as thick as others but you don’t notice it on a finer thread the way you do with something thicker.

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