Plying Along

When I first started investigating spinning I ordered a few spindles. The first to arrive was a large one with a hook on the end. I went with the hook because I thought (rightly) that I’d have problems learning to use a half hitch to hold my thread and I thought (partially wrongly) that a hook would be easier. I’ve learnt a hook is easier, in that if your thread slips off the cop it just coils around the hook and eventually stops. It’s harder in that sometimes the length the spindle can slip off is the same length as the bit you’ve just spun which means you have to uncoil the mess around the cook, rewind it and hope this time you do better.

What have I been using this spindle for? Well, I had two small spindles of wool singles and one of them was rather uneven in spots and the other one not so bad so I thought I’d ply them as neither were much good for singles. Pied they are very strong.


I think I’ve put too much twist in, but when my niddy-noddy arrives I’ll make a skein and then wash the wool which I’m told helps sort out and set the twist.


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